Who we are

MCM is one of the leading independent Italian companies for the design and realization of events.

Founded in 2001 by Marco Merli and Chicco Nobili, MCM operates both in Italy and abroad, alongside national, multinational and international super brands in the creation, design, planning, development, management and finalization of corporate, consumer, product launch events and special event.

MCM starts understanding inner logic: from a look aligned with the style and the people of the company that wants to make the event to be the best partner possible during setting, realization and live stage.

The approach is flexible, always customer tailor made and covers, in-house, the entire chain of events contributing to effective budget optimization support.

chi siamo 
ATM Tday2018_4
Corporate events

ATM T°day 2018, a co-production with Etnocom

ATM, the Milanese transport company, chooses Etnocom and MCM to present the T ° day 2018 to it's employees and managers. A day to take stock of the situation, born from the teamwork of management and employees themselves. In the prestigious setting of the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato, with Etnocom we have directed and produced T ° Day 2018. This day was commissioned by ATM to share the results of a year of research with the participation of the employees themselves and assisted by the consultancy of ...

MCM at a glance

i cinque punti 

1 | Care for details is never too much  

2 |Creativity goes hand in hand with feasibility

3 | Each customer has his own request, each project brushes

4 | Attention to spending optimization is a mantra

5 | Skills develop by doing, like muscles in a gym

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Where we are

MCM Comunicazione s.r.l.
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20154 Milano
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