Squadra Campari Together More - Farther // 2019

We focused on the aspect of the brand experience through the implementation of the individual areas of the brand’s personality and in this way we have dismantled the idea of ​​the classic convention agenda.
The entertaining component becomes the frame within which the individual areas of study of the brand develop. This entertainment format becomes the common thread capable of holding together a succession of events that normally have different identities.

Institutional values ​​are shared through a key note speaker, visual identities are lived through events instead of through a workshop and a time dedicated to awards and best practices turns into a spectacular talk show on stage at the time of the award ceremony.
In this way the evening is no longer just a path made up of individual activations that are close to the brand’s value world or an institutional induction but an event that contains information on the perfect serves, on moments of consumption, on brand essence.
The event itself becomes a suggestion of the brand that managers can export to their countries by locating the formats without fear of interfering with the brand essence.
An event with a thought Out of the box

MCM_Squadra Campari 06
evento squadra campari
evento squadra campari
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evento squadra campari
evento squadra campari