In Contact Evolution

Alcon // 2017

The event, attended by over 400 guests including specialists and representatives of companies in the sector, took place in Milan at the The Mall location, in the futuristic Porta Nuova district that transforms Milan into a modern metropolis close to international standards . An educational event to project opticians into the future through the new InContact platform. Among the speakers, on the topic of connection, also the management of Google and a media-guru to analyze the world of Facebook.
For the setting up of the event, interactive corners were created, a future shop, an area dedicated to products and news from the Alcon world with interactive touchscreen tables and holographic workstation with projection products in 3D, as well as an interactive mirror to implement the experiential moment dedicated to the presented product innovations.

InContactEvolution_evento ottici_the mall_milano001
InContactEvolution_evento ottici_the mall_milano005
InContactEvolution_evento ottici_the mall_milano004
InContactEvolution_evento ottici_the mall_milano003