Speech Support

Starting from values and keywords that companies need to communicate, we set the goal to convey them creating consistency and participation and focusing on communication, as it means for us collect informations able to make feel everybody part of the same thing. The result is a solid content, involving, exciting and straight to the point: it deserves to be told.
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Content Management

When it comes to communication, we think about content: a solid business can’t work without it. We identify the coordinated image, use a tone of voice that is both narrative and non-forced, favor dialogue and create engagement opportunities. We also support global communication plans for local activation. We manage the adv online and interfere with media centers. We are experimenting the new social, because every left is lost and there is always a new way to tell things.
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To make an event, a launch or an whole project really addictive, the soil preparation is paramount. We want to create trust by putting the brand’s promise into ideas that astonish, surprise and excite … and, sometimes, it also does very well!  
Digital communication
Organizational secretarial activations   (Web app + backoffice)
Creative idea for engage in the territory
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