Yamaha Dolomiti Ride

Dolomiti Ride // 2018

A passion to share, an experience to be experienced
In the picturesque setting of Molveno, where the Brenta Dolomites plunge into the crystal clear waters of the lake, Yamaha has returned to warm up its engines with the 2018 edition of the Dolomiti Ride, a 3 days, from 6 to 8 July, under the banner of engines, fun and being together.

The agency took care of the entire organization, starting from the conception, planning and management of entertainment and experience activities, such as the “Motogiro” (4-hour tour among the breathtaking views of the Dolomites) and the “One Night” Yamaha “, a magical evening where guests were entertained by stuntmen and special guests. But the biggest challenge was the creation, setting up and coordination of the “Yamaha Village”, a real village set up on the shores of Lake Molveno, where the brand’s fans could fully experience the spirit of the “brand” three diapason “participating in the test ride of the main Yamaha models and enjoying the entertainment offered by the many activities in the village: a vintage barber shop, a stand where you can buy customized t-shirts, a Yamaha museum that has had models on display historic brands, including Valentino and Viňales motorcycles, a temporary shop with Yamaha official merchandising, the chance to take a souvenir photo and send it as a postcard, a store where you can buy personalized jewels and much more; all enhanced by the entertainment provided by Virgin Radio, which also made live direct from its mobile station inserted in the village.

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